Monday, November 2, 2009

No More Dirty Dishes

I stopped by my landlord's today to drop off my rent check and learned that I will be having a dishwasher installed! Tomorrow! I'm so excited!! I rarely cook, but I do eat and drink. Take out, frozen dinners, cereal with milk, spaghetti, canned food, coffee, water, wine. I chop up vegetables and I feed my cats. So I definitely create dirty dishes. Given a choice, I'd take a dishwasher over an oven. I can't wait to finally have a dishwasher again!

This vest used to be my mother's. She gave it to me when I was visiting a few weeks ago. It has pants that match, but the cut was a bit too wide for my taste, and the pants and vest together would be too busy for me.

I went to Michigan Avenue today to check out the Zara that just opened. I didn't actually buy anything at Zara, but I did get a sweater at H&M. I also chatted with an H&M salesperson about strategies for shopping the Jimmy Choo collection. Apparently, it involves lining up outside around 3:00 a.m. I don't know that I'm up for that.

rehearsal, shopping on Michigan Avenue, book club

Vest: vintage
Blouse: Lapis
Pants: H&M (clearance, $5)
Socks: H&M
Shoes: Nine West
Coat: vintage
Earrings: mine from the early 90's


  1. Love that vest; it looks great with those red pants!

  2. Those are some great pants! I too am wondering how I'm going to score some Choo stuff without waiting in line.....

  3. omg I love that vest! It's perfect vintage.