Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Purple, Orange and Red

New dress. I took a walk to Filene's Basement yesterday with my boyfriend b/c he needed to pick up a few things and I ended up getting 2 dresses for myself for $10 each, plus this strand of beads and a few heavier basic-colored tights (black, brown, grey) to prepare for the cooler temperatures.

I didn't really intend to wear my rainboots at work all day, but they were just so comfy and warm and colorful that I didn't want to take them off. So I didn't.


Dress: Alyn Paige (new!), $10 from Filene's Basement
Orange Turtleneck: Moda Int'l for Victoria's Secret
Purple Leggings: Pink Rose from Macy's
Purple Dangly Hoop Earrings: vintage from my mother
Rain Boots: Chooka from T.J.Maxx (new! I bought them almost 2 months ago, but this is the first time I'm wearing them)
Beads: Anne Klein from Filene's Basement (new!)
Celtic Cross Necklace: from St.-Martin-in-the-Fields


  1. Wow! this dress is really pretty. I love how the colors pop!!

  2. you look so great in all these nice jewel toned colors! and the rain boots totally go with the outfit- no need to remove them once you're out of the rain when they're so stylish :) ~joelle

  3. What a gorgeous tunic!! I love the reds and purple... it seems East Indian influenced? Very lovely :)

  4. Love the outfit! So bohemian! What's the rule with rain boots? Is it cool to wear them around inside (classrooms, the office) or are you supposed to take them off? Coming from sunny LA, they are new to me.

  5. What a fantastic print on that dress! Wonderful piece!

  6. Musing Around, I've seen people wear rain boots all day, and I think it's adorable and it also makes the look a bit more casual, so for work I usually change out of my commuting shoes. But not on this day! :-)

  7. Great dress! Looooove the colors and how you've falled it up with the turtleneck.

  8. I LOOOOOVVEEE the dress!!! the print, the shape, the colors!! beautiful!