Friday, November 13, 2009

Re-Working Summer Outfits for Fall

Clare at Between Laundry Days recently started re-working her summer outfits for fall. She's done it everyday this month, and I've loved watching the changes to the outfits.

Taking a page out of Clare's book, I re-worked a summery outfit with two pieces I love: this gorgeous-colored green blouse and this flattering-yet-comfy pencil skirt. I kept the basic blouse, skirt and cami from my original outfit (pictured here), then added tights, boots, scarft, belt and jacket, and changed up the jewelry. Ta-da! Ready for fall.

This wonderful leather jacket was purchased by my ex on e-bay for $5. When it arrived, it fit him, but he thought he looked like a 1970's child molester, so he offered it to me. I love it!

errands around my neighborhood, work

Wool Blazer: vintage, thrifted earlier this week
Green Blouse: Express
Cami: Express
Skirt: Old Navy
Purple Leggings: from Macy's
Boots: Predictions
Belt: B. Moss, came with a pair of khakis purchased in or around 1994
Leopard Scarf: came with a 3-piece brown suit (jacket, skirt, pants) purchased in the late 1990's
Plum Dangly Hoop Earrings: vintage from my mother
Brown Knit Scarf: handmade by my mother
Leather Coat: vintage via e-bay, hand-me-down from my ex

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  1. Yay! Love your remix. That orange blazer is quite possibly the most amazing thing ever.