Friday, October 30, 2009

Trick or Treat

An early Happy Halloween! I love holidays. When I was little, I used to do my nails and wear clothes for the colors of the holiday. I had lots of holiday jewelry: Christmas, Easter, Fourth of July, inter alia. I believe I may have continued with this tradition of enthusiastic and obvious holiday dressing until sometime in my early 20's.

Now, I don't quite go all out for holidays, but I still like to acknowledge them in my clothing. I love these candy corn earrings - and I don't actually like candy corn! I acquired this "trick or treat" T-shirt while shopping for a new long sleeve white T-shirt for winter layering. When I saw this cute Halloween tee, I thought it would nicely serve my purpose as a layering tee, plus I could wear it with the "trick or treat" showing for Halloween.

seminar on post-conviction relief, work

Wool Blazer: vintage
Trick or Treat T-shirt: from Target
Scarf: came with a sweater years ago
Pants: Delia*s
Candy Corn Earrings: mine from ages ago
Boots: Franco Sarto (thrifted)


  1. The little candy corns are so cute hehe.

    Also, love the orange scarf. I like how this outfit is in the spirit of Halloween, without being a light up sweater. Nice! :-)