Monday, September 28, 2009

dumpster diving (and accidental thrifting)

My neighborhood is not exactly the Upper East Side in terms of the gold mines of home furnishings that can be found on garbage day, but some good stuff can be found in the alleys near the dumpsters. Last fall, I got a stack of paperback novels that someone had thrown out. All stuff by authors I liked!

My boyfriend is much more of a garbage connoisseur than I. He found a collection of expensive-looking drawers that looked like they had been ripped out of someone’s huge custom-built walk-in closet. He took them home and put them in his workshop (he likes to refinish furniture and other home-related projects). He once found a gorgeous piece of marble (or granite??) on top of an old vanity, and pulled it off and took it home.

Today, I saw 2 huge mirrors leaning against a door near some dumpsters. Both were about 6 feet tall, one was 3 feet wide, and the other was a foot and a half. The larger one had a huge zucchini-shaped piece missing from the lower left corner, but the smaller one was in perfect condition. They were near the dumpster, but they were leaning against a wall right next to the back door of Buffalo Exchange. I really wanted the mirrors, but it crossed my mind that maybe Buffalo Exchange had put them outside while moving things around, or in order to fix the broken one. So I went in and asked.

Fortunately for me, the mirrors did not belong to Buffalo Exchange. Someone actually was throwing them away, and they had been sitting out there most of the weekend. Yay! New mirrors for me!

While in Buffalo Exchange, I found a pair of beautiful suede booties, with a wider 2 inch heel (my preferred height). I still had a few dollars in credit but I didn’t have my credit slip with me. I put the booties on hold, hauled the mirrors home (and put a few slices in my hand - ow! - that big one was heavy) and grabbed my credit slip. While I was in my apartment, it occurred to me to pick up some winter stuff that I was looking to sell. Applying my two credit slips, I got the suede booties.

My new suede booties:

My new narrower mirror replacing a busted one near my front door:

My new wider mirror:

The chair mostly hides the missing piece on the larger mirror, but not entirely so I put these feather boas around the mirror to cover what the chair didn’t. I had actually picked up the boas a year ago, to do a craft project with a different broken down mirror I had in my house. The other broken down mirror used to be near my front door (I replaced it with the smaller mirror I picked up today!) and the mirror was in perfect shape, but the frame was busted, so I was going to attach the feather boas to the edge. I never got around to the project, so these boas were available to be added to my new acquisition.

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  1. Yay, I love dumpster diving! Joe definitely has a nose for it too; I'm always jealous.