Saturday, October 10, 2009

Talk Nerdy To Me

It was cold today! I was not dressed nearly warm enough.

My boyfriend got this T-shirt last summer at a boutique in Boystown. I've always thought it was adorable, so I borrowed it to wear today. I straightened up around the house and went out for a bit of shopping then curled up on the couch of a local teahouse for lunch, reading and chai.

Total girly reading material today. I'm finishing a Marian Keyes novel, and I took along two issues of Vogue. One was Vogue Latinoamerica! I can find the following editions of Vogue easily at my local bookstore: U.S., Men's, Teen, British, Australia, Paris, Italia, Espana. I've never been able to find Vogue Mexico outside of Mexico, and I've never had luck finding Vogue Latinoamerica. Ever.

I was just talking about that a few weeks ago with a friend of mine. We're both trying to improve our Spanish, so we pick up magazines en espanol. Vogue Espana is the easiest to find. Mexico and Latinoamerica are hard to find, even in Chicago (where I live) and New York City (where my friend lives). Then on Thursday over lunch, I walked into the Barnes & Noble at the DePaul Center downtown, and what should I see at the front of the magazine rack but Vogue Latinoamerica. Score!

hangin' around, out for lunch (chai and a chicken pesto sandwich)

Talk Nerdy To Me T-shirt: Junk Food (borrowed from my boyfriend)
Leather Blazer: vintage
Belt: thrifted
Jeans: Delia*s
Boots: Nine West
Scarf: handmade by my grandmother

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