Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yellow Silk

I like to wear earrings. When I was younger, I always wore big, crazy colorful stuff. I had huge seashells, globes, koosh balls, telephones, coke bottles, and brightly colored birds, inter alia.

My taste in earrings is no longer quite so juvenile or kitschy, but I still like large earrings. My peace signs are my favorites. I like chandelier earrings, and I wear hoops a lot: white, black, gold, silver, navy, and hot pink.

Today's silver hoop earrings were a Christmas gift from my parents. Of my regularly-worn silver hoops, these are the smallest, smaller than I would pick out myself, yet I wear them more than any other pair of earrings. Why, you might ask? They don't get caught in scarves and turtlenecks, which I'll be living in for the next half a year. So, expect to see these earrings a lot.

work, Borders (in an unsuccessful attempt to find the exact 2010 weekly planner that I want), and a quick stop in Macy's to take pictures and pick up my lunch (sushi and Starbucks)

Silk Jacket: Dana Buchman (thrifted)
T-shirt: Mossimo for Target
Skirt: Express
Leggings: from Macy's
Socks: ??
Boots: Moda Italia (thrifted)
Ring: ??
Silver Hoop Earrings: gift from my parents
Scarf: gift from my parents from their trip to NYC
Coat: vintage from my mom
Gloves: ??


  1. Great look with all those bright colors!!

  2. This color combo is BEAUTIFUL!!Making a note - I was some raspberry lemonade too!!

  3. I mean "want" some LOL. Too excited - typing toooo fast.