Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Insert Title Here

I know I'm certainly not the only one to feel this way, but coming up with a title every day is hard! Sometimes I base it on the colors of my clothes, and sometimes on what happened during the day, but I'm running out of ideas. And colors. Maybe I'll start using obscure holidays as my titles.


Cable Cardigan Sweater: Ann Taylor LOFT
Blouse: Lapis
Skirt: Carole Little (thrifted)
Cable Sweater Tights: from Filene's Basement
Boots: Nine West
Belt: thrifted
Earrings: gift from my second cousins years ago


  1. I totally understand the "title block". I have and still go through it all the time.

    Love the look today!

  2. Oh gosh, I have the hardest time picking titles sometimes. I love this gorgeous blouse!

  3. Man I really like the color and shine to this blouse. Very pretty outfit!

    I gave up blog titles ages ago LOL. UNless I really have something fun to put there, I just list the date :-/