Monday, September 14, 2009

Forgetful and Thrifting

I forgot to actually take a picture of my outfit today! I was a bit repetetive, and wore the exact same skirt, shoes, and earrings as yesterday, but I had on a yellow tee shirt and a cream cable cardigan sweater, and I wanted to get a picture of the pretty colors. Oh well.

I went thrifting this afternoon, on half-price Monday. For $22, I got 3 jackets, 1 skirt, 3 belts, a pair of shoes, and a Christmas coffee mug.

Here are my new clothing items from today and yesterday:

Yellow Silk Dana Buchman Jacket

Wool Luca Luca Jacket

Cute Plaid Jacket with Fringe and Pink Trim (colors are a bit washed out in this photo)

Fun Polka Dot Skirt with Tulle at the bottom and Three New Belts

Green Shoes with Reasonable Heel Height

Black and White Vintage Dress that I got at the Renegade Craft Fair yesterday

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