Monday, January 25, 2010

Thrifted Suit

This is my first thrifted suit! $7.50 last Monday at the 1/2 price day at Unique. I always keep an eye out for suits when thrifting, but it's sooooo hard to find a suit in good enough shape in a current style that fits and that I like. So, I've never had the good luck to thrift a suit before.

After I bought this, I did a bit of research and determined that the suit must be from 1997-1999 because that was only period of time when the brand was produced under the exact label of "Kasper for A.S.L." It's the same brand that now owns and produces Anne Klein suits, which I **wish** fit me, because Anne Klein suites are an awesome combo of stylish and affordable. Unfortunately they're cut for a different body type. This Kasper for A.S.L. though, fits me wonderfully. I thought that it might be from the 1990's because of the shoulder pads and also because the tag is about 3 sizes bigger than what I currently wear. Ugh! to crazy variable vanity sizing.

This Cynthia Steffe sweater is also from last Monday's thrifting trip.

work (court and office, but mostly court)

Suit Jacket and Skirt: Kasper for A.S.L. (thrifted, $7.50)
Sweater: Cynthia Steffe (thrifted, $1.75)
Tights: from Filene's Basement
Socks: ??
Boots: Nine West
Bag: Levenger (gift)


  1. The red bag is awesome!!

    What I love most about the suit is that you can easily sperate the pieces and wear the blazer with jeans or black pants. And the skirt during the summer with a white top.

  2. You would never know that the suit is fits you just as a tailored suit would! Great find!

  3. Another great thrifting find! I would have bought that $7.50 suit just for the skirt!!

  4. What an awesome find! I like the bag too.

  5. That whole outfit is a great find! I love the material that suit is made out of.

  6. I have always loved that shade of purply pink with grey... looks great together!