Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Vintage Jewelry from Granny S.

While I was in Pennsylvania during the holidays, I went to my maternal grandmother's house (Granny S.) and she offered me bunches of her vintage jewelry that she no longer wears. I came home with dozens of necklaces, brooches and other items. Here are pictures of most of my new vintage jewelry from Granny S.

Shoes Clips!

The gold buckle ones are from my mother.

Some bead necklaces:

The pale pink beads on the right were my mother's. The white and gold beads next to them, and the white and green beads on the far left were handmade by my grandmother. The spikey blue and white and pick necklace was made by my grandmother's sister Pauline.

More beads. And a locket:

Some chokers and a bracelet:

Another bracelet:

Flower Brooches:

More Brooches!

The pearl and swirly brooch in the top left corner was worn by my mother to her cotillion.

And, a matching set of a brooch, pendant and earrings:

So far, I've worn the starfish brooch (not pictured here), the circle brooch and the pale pink beads.


  1. Gina, your jewelry is beautiful! I'm kind of a jewelry junkie - I don't have a lot of vintage pieces, but I have relatives who make jewelry (or have friends who do) so I've ended up with a lot of fun pieces.

    Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I am so amazed at the various ways that people find each other around the blogosphere, and I'm really flattered by your kind words.

  2. What a great collection you have scored. I really love the chockers.

  3. you are such a lucky gal! those are incredible!

  4. Oh my! Those brooches are amazing! I've just recently started truly appreciating how many things you can do with a brooch so you've totally scored with these!

  5. What treasures! Especially the brooches. I found an amazing one before christmas at a vintage shop and then my boyfriend noticed and bought me a modern (really great) one for christmas. That makes two. Oh I want yours too ;)

  6. I can't even begin to tell you how absolutely envious I am of this haul! These are some amazing pieces and for them all to come from family makes them so incredibly special.