Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Leading Ladies

I always feel a bit like Annie Hall when I wear this suit. I heard a recommendation that smaller women seeking a menswear look should try shopping in the boys department of a department store like Nordstrom. Nordstrom being a bit above my price range, I tried the boys department at Marshall’s and found this suit for only $14!

Because of the masculine cut of the suit, I paired it with a more feminine blouse and accented with delicate dangly gold and pearl earrings and a cameo brooch, and made sure to wear it on a day when I had time to do my hair.

When I took off the jacket today, I felt a little bit like Katherine Hepburn or Marlene Dietrich in the pleated higher waist pants. Pleated pants aren’t generally my thing, but I like stepping out of my comfort zone occasionally and trying something different.

The brooch was given to me recently by my mother. It was a gift from an old boyfriend. She never wanted to wear it after she got married (almost 35 years ago!), but she liked it too much to get rid of it. So a few months ago, she passed it on to me.

work, audition

Suit Jacket and Pants: Young Kings by Steve Harvey
Blouse: Lapis
Shoes: American Eagle
Cameo brooch: vintage from my mother
Earrings: vintage from someone in my family
Belt: Forever XXI (came with a skirt)
Bag: Levenger (gift from my boyfriend)


  1. you really rock a suit! your red bag is rad and i'm a total sucker for brooches.

  2. love the bag and those pearl earrings

  3. love the pants and shirt, the red bag adds punch!

  4. Love this suit on you. You look great in it.