Wednesday, September 9, 2009

College Sweater, Skinny Jeans, and Cowboy Boots

Most of my vintage clothes are from my mother, but this sweater is one of the few items I have that used to belong to my dad. He and I attended the same college (Pitt, of course!).

These boots are from my last trip to Mexico. I got them from a cute little cowboy shop in Guadalajara. This is definitely my boyfriend’s influence. He loves cowboy boots and Stetson hats, and I liked his boots so much that I wanted a pair of my own. His clothes sometimes prompt people to ask if he’s from Texas, to which he typically replies “no, I’m from much further south, the deep deep south.”* That always makes me giggle.

I love skinny pants! When I first started seeing them in magazines** in Winter 2006-2007 I immediately fell in love. I looked everywhere but couldn’t find them in stores. Then I got a Delia’s catalog in Spring 2007, and they had reasonably priced skinny jeans and pants, so I purchased the same pair in 4 different colors: these blue jeans, white jeans (worn again here), black pants and brown pants***. I attempted to get a pair of grey skinny jeans from Victoria’s Secret, but they didn’t fit like skinnies. I kept them anyway.

After more than a year, skinny pants started showing up all over the place in stores. I got a pair of blue**** and pink from Wet Seal, and just a few weeks ago I picked up a red***** pair on clearance at H&M ($5).

book club

College Sweater: vintage from my dad
T-shirt: Wet Seal
Skinny Jeans: Delia’s
Cowboy Boots: Frida Cuadra
Peace Sign Earrings: World Market

*And because he sometimes gets questioning looks after that answer, I thought I should clarify that he’s NOT from Texas, he’s from Mexico.

**Most magazines were calling them cigarette pants, and I think I may also have seen the term drainpipe.

***The brown pants pictured are not actually the brown skinnies I purchased, but a similar straight leg style in the exact same shade of brown. They’re so slim fitting though, that they’re practically skinnies.

****I don’t have any pictures of the blue skinnies yet. I wore them to death this spring, so they’ve gotten a much deserved break during the month and a half that I’ve been blogging.

*****I haven’t worn the red ones yet.


  1. I'm in love with your great boots :).

  2. This look is SWEET! I love how you paired the western boots with the preppy sweater. My husband is from New Mexico and exclusively wears cowboy boots (sometimes to the beach, not kidding) and my own cowboy boots are so worn they are disintegrating. You're reminding me I need a new pair!

  3. I really like your cowboy boots with the skinny jeans. I would definitely wear something like this.

  4. Lovely pair of boots. The boots are really awesome. They are very comfortable to wear and they suit on any occasion.