Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Almost 60 degrees!

This look was inspired by Dirty Hair Halo. I love how she wears sheer black hose with socks on top, both shorter socks and over-the-knee socks.

I put on my sheer black hose this morning only to discover 3 large holes and a few runs. I wore them anyway, and stopped at the drugstore on my way to work to pick up another pair.

I picked up the silver nail polish (Sally Hansen Celeb City) at the Pittsburgh airport on Monday. I got there the standard 2 hours before my flight. Normally, security is crowded enough that I really do need to arrive that early. On Monday, I walked right through security; there was no line at all! With all that time to kill, I bought the nail polish, did my nails, bought a pair of boots on clearance at Nine West, and settled in to read some magazines.

This blouse doesn't button up very far, but I like it closed higher b/c the ruffles look better. This morning I stuck a bar pin on to close the blouse more and give it the look I prefer.

work, book club

Jacket: H&M
Sheer Blouse: (thrifted)
Green Cami: Victoria's Secret
Skirt: Express
Socks: H&M
Black Heels: Lifestride
Gold Dangly Earrings: vintage from my mother
Bar Pin: vintage from my grandmother
Fingerless Gloves: DIY from one of the millions of pairs of stretch gloves I have with holes in the tips of the fingers
Bag: Marc Jacobs (thrifted)


  1. This is a beautiful blouse! And I love it with the leather! very cool.

  2. I like the pin you used. Mimics the lines of the blouse. But if you want a more permanent solution you could use little snaps.

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  4. I love the combination of the ruffly blouse with the leather jacket. I have a similar style blouse - what a great idea to use a bar pin to close the blouse - I'm definitely going to try that. The color of the blouse really makes your eyes pop - so pretty!

  5. Perfect blouse for St. Patty's Day celebrating this weekend!

  6. I love the green blouse!! The ruffles are pretty.

  7. I love Dirty Hair Halo ! You look so great in this combo !

  8. I know I'm a few days late in commenting on this one, but I just love it! The green ruffled blouse, the jacket, and oh that weather!