Thursday, March 4, 2010


I was looking for ways to wear these pants other than with black, white or grey. I did a Google search, and came across a comment describing one of Carrie's outfits from Sex and the City: red pants, a white blouse, and a light blue jacket. I had all of those items in my closet, so here's my version.

I also came across the suggestion of tan and beige and brown with red pants. Any other suggestions for what to wear with bright red skinny pants that have a bit of a sheen to them?


Jacket: J. Crew (the only item I own from that store)
Pants: H&M (clearance for $5)
White Button-Down: Moda Int'l for Victoria's Secret
Navy Heels: Newport News
Bird-Shaped Shell Earrings: gift


  1. Love it!!! Great color combo.

  2. This is cute Gina! :)

    Have you thought about wearing them with pink?

  3. Wow@ I love this. These pants are awesome!! I love red - and need a red skirt!!

    I would honestly wear them with anything that I would normally wear jeans with.

    - A navy and white striped top
    - Fuschia
    - Black and White graphic prints
    - Brown and TEAL
    - Tiffany Blue
    - Buttercup Yellow and White
    - Pearl Gray and Cream
    - Pale Blue and Denim Jacket

    I could think of one million things hehe. But you know I LOVE color! :-)

  4. Love the pants on you! Oh I wish I could wear tight colorful pants too (But my hips and tighs makes me look oh so short when I try to. They need more room)

    I'm with Bianca, fushia can look amazing with red. I think a dark purple can also look amazing or a bright orange even. And I think these are the kind of pants that would be great paired with a tunic or short dress, if you want to mix it up.

  5. I have no suggestions, but this looks rockin!

  6. I love love love this outfit! Its probably one of my favorite of yours, you look so chic! Hmmm, what to wear with red pants? I think I would go with a nautical look and pair it with a white & blue stripped top and a blue scarf!

  7. I love these pants on you. Have you considered a purple top? A brighter purple, maybe with a black jacket? I've seen Sal from Already Pretty rock the red and purple before and you would probably pull it off really well.

  8. Yeah, love it! Those pumps are great!

  9. I really love this look! The color combo is unexpected but very chic and pulled together. I second (or third or fourth) the suggestion of a nautical look with blue and white stripes.

    I also think a print with a variety of colors- some red, pink, even purple- would look great. Anthropologie has some soft, textured tops in prints that might be worth trying, like these: