Thursday, March 25, 2010

Greek Independence Day

I joined a gym a few weeks ago. I signed up for a few of the personal training sessions that are offered at a discounted rate when you join. So far, I've really like the personal training and the yoga classes. I haven't ventured to scarier parts of the gym yet, like trying to use weight machines on my own.

So what made me think of the gym? Well, I've gained about 10-15 pounds in the last few months. I'm not happy with the weight gain, especially because it goes first to my stomach and second to my hips. I prefer pants to skirts, although I've been wearing significantly more skirts since I started this blog last summer. NONE of my pants fit anymore!!

Ok, that's a bit of an exaggeration. I have a few pairs that still fit well, like these looser pleated pants from the boys section. Being cut for a boy, the waist isn't tapered in very much. Other pants still fit, but they're so tight that they're uncomfortable or unflattering or both. I like my clothes and I'm not happy that I can no longer wear more than 50% of them.

I know I've been almost completely inactive for the past few months, in addition to eating less healthily and more frequently, so I have a 4 point plan to make my wardrobe fit again:

(1) work out more and put on muscle in addition to doing some cardio, yoga and dance

(2) be more active in general, get off my ass, turn off the computer and walk or bike somewhere (warm weather that makes me want to be outside should help a bit with that)

(3) eat healthier foods, keep fresh fruits and vegetables and nuts easily accessible at my home and office so that I eat those when I'm hungry

(4) be more mindful of my eating and only eat when I'm hungry, refrain from eating out of habit or if I'm only doing so because others are eating

I put this plan into effect 3-4 weeks ago, and I've already been successful at working out more and eating healthier foods. Still need to work on being more active and eating more mindfully.

I've been naturally slim all my life. I've worked out in the past to gain muscle, to increase my stamina and/or to tone up (including getting a flat stomach back when Brittney's was all over the place), but I've never actively tried to lose weight before. Welcome to my 30's, I guess. Wish me luck!

work, performance of Alvin Ailey

Cardigan Sweater: Cynthia Steffe (thrifted)
White Tank: Tommy Hilfiger (from the men's dept at Marshall's)
Pants: Young Kings by Steve Harvey (from the boy's dept at Marshall's)
Shoes: Via Spiga
Silver Cuff: from MoJo Jewelry in Wicker Park
Flower Earrings: Macy's
Flower Ring: vintage
Key Necklace: gift from my parents

Post Title:
March 25th is Greek Independence Day (pretty self-explanatory, right?)


  1. I LOVE those clogs and the cuff!!! If you tire of the clogs, let me know! I'm a 9 ;)

  2. Are the clogs new and buyable ?

  3. I am also cut like a boy from the waist down and usually wear men's jeans, unless they are low rise.

  4. I love all the accessories and I like the style/cut of these pants on you.

    Personally, I have not noticed any changes in weight on you, but congratulations on setting goals and conquering them.

  5. Alvin Ailey?!?! I'm so jealous. I saw them perform once and it was amazing. Back in my dancing days I so wanted to be in that company!

    Also. I love your clogs :)

  6. You are so amazing~ I measured my foot! It's about 9", but that's from toe to end. I can do an 8 in sandals, no prob. My feet are long & skinny. Do u think they'll fit ? I'm so excited !

  7. Definitely love the accessories! That bracelet is darling!

  8. Love the bracelet and the purple!