Monday, July 26, 2010

Silver & White

I didn't work today, so I spent some time at my boyfriend's house helping him clean up from his sister's 40th birthday bash yesterday. I showered right before I was ready to head into the city for dinner (an event with my alumni group), and then realized I didn't have a lot of clothes to choose from at his house, mainly because I had just put practically everything into the laundry. My clothes were still wet because his dryer broke and we've been hang-drying everything. I generally prefer to hang-dry most of my clothes anyway, but with the broken dryer I didn't have the option to dry something quickly and wear it to dinner. So I borrowed one of his shirts. I like it on me!

Monday, July 26, 2010

alumni dinner

White men's button-down: Paul Frederick (borrowed)
White men's tank: Tommy Hilfiger
Silver Skirt: ?? (thrifted)
Sandals: Etienne Aigner
Bag: ?? (newly thrifted)

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  1. wow what a great skirt and great sandals. awesome. i love it.