Friday, July 30, 2010

All Thrifted!

Everything I'm wearing is thrifted! The clothes, the shoes, the jewelry, the bag! Everything!

Ok, so technically not everything. The earrings are mine from the early 1990's, purchased new back then, but I never thrift earrings and I almost always wear them, so the only way I'll every have an all-thrifted outfit is to not wear earrings, or not count them. So I'm not counting them. Besides, they're teeny-tiny. Barely visible. Enough excuses?

This is the first time, though, that everything else in my outfit has been thrifted. All the clothes, my (non-earring) jewelry, my shoes and my bag. Usually, I get close, but then I have one or two things that I bought new - usually a piece of jewelry, but sometimes the shoes or the bag or the cardigan. So today is a first. Yay!

Friday, July 30, 2010


Top: Old Navy (newly thrifted)
Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT (newly thrifted)
Sandals: Franco Sarto (thrifted)
Cameo Necklace: ?? (thrifted)
Bag: ?? (thrifted)
Faux Pearl Earrings: mine from the 1990's


  1. This is a very feminine looking outfit in such pretty and soft colors :).

  2. Yes it is - you do romantic very well, it suits you. I noticed your nice manicure it goes really well with the outfit.

  3. Thanks for visiting the blog! It's always so nice to get comments from new readers. This outfit looks perfect for a hot day.

    xo Marissa
    (The Well-Appointed Catwalk)

  4. You have some very impressive thrifting skills!! I love the color palette of this look. It's so pretty and feminine and the black studded bag adds a cool contrast. Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog! xx

  5. I love wearing an all-thrifted outfit! It doesn't happen often for me though (my feet are much too big for most thrifted shoes!)

    I adore this skirt! I can't believe someone would give that up... what a score!!

    ♥ Suze

  6. Love the skirt, the pleats are so pretty! Thrifting is awesome, you can find so many great things and it's so cheap!

  7. This is so pretty! I love the details on the blouse so much. :-)