Friday, April 30, 2010

Yellow, Green & Brown

While I was perusing my google reader over coffee this morning, I saw Corporette's post about favorite t-shirts to wear under suits. My favorites are Target tees. In posting my reponse on the Corporette site, I was suddenly moved to wear my favorite green Target tee today. I pulled out this skirt and necklace, assuming I'd throw a neutral jacket or sweater overtop, but nothing I tried on looked good. Standing in front of my closet, it occurred to me that one of the things I like about mazagine editorials is how different items look great together, items that I'd never think to wear together myself. So I asked myself what jacket or sweater do I have that would compliment what I'm wearing but wouldn't be something I would normally think to put with this. This yellow jacket was the first item that caught my eye. I tried it on with minimal expectations, and was very pleased with the result. So that's how today's outfit came about.

Target, errands, work, performance of The Joffrey Ballet

Yellow Silk Jacket: Dana Buchman (thrifted)
Green Tee: from Target
Skirt: Ann Taylor LOFT (thrifted)
Shoes: from Payless
Necklace: vintage from my grandmother
Earrings: vintage from my mother
Ring: gift from my parents

Do I look just a little bit like a demon here?


  1. Wow, fabulous! I love the unexpected yellow. The way the buttons on the jacket and the buttons on the skirt complement each other.

  2. I love how your outfit turned out, absolutely LOVE it! The bright yellow with the more muted colors is so striking, I especially think the nude shoes are the perfect choice. And of course, love the button on button action. So well put together :)

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  3. I love that yellow jacket and the necklace is stunning with this! You do look a bit demonic in that last photo. :)

  4. Great color combo! And I must say, the colors look especially great in front of the red of the Flamingo :)

  5. You look like an evil "i'm gonna sue your ass, bad-ass!" I LOVE this combo!!! I did the same thing yesterday with a look from SJP!
    OHHHHH.....AND I got a wonderful surprise in the mail this afternoon!!!! YIPEEEEE!
    Thank you so much! LOVE THE CLOGS!!! I threw off my other shoes and wore them all afternoon! They were Very Comfy and fit exactly to a T !!!
    I already have a Vintage floral skirt for you- I know u will rock it, it is a sz.8, with the original floral belt! Now before I ship it, what color boho would u like? And what length? I have floor to mid-calf in just about any colors. Some are tiered, some with elastic, and so on.I have black and white, browns,greens, multi's (colors)
    Let me know and I'll surprise ya!
    Thanks again so much!!!! Love,LOVEY,love em and I love to get packages in the mail. a great day!

  6. An attorney who looks great :) This is awesome to have found your website :)