Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Suit Week: Day 2

This is one of my older suits. I ordered it from the Victoria's Secret website while I was in law school in rural Indiana with no decent professional clothing shops nearby. It was relatively inexpensive and it's held up amazingly well. It was my clinic and moot court suit in law school. It was my interview suit afterwards. It was my first go-to court suit, and still is among my favorite court attire. It's very comfortable and has held up quite well. Eight years and going strong.

I would not accessorize like this for court, but since I'm in the office today, I'm going with it. Besides, that's kind of the point of this week: trying ways to get some more wear out of my lovely suits even though I don't always need to be conservative or formal.

work (including a pro bono clinic), errands

Suit Jacket & Pants: Body by Victoria
T-shirt: thrifted
Black Beads: vintage from my grandmother
Grey Beads: vintage from my grandmother
Shoes: You by Crocs
Earrings: ??
Bow Headband: H&M
Silver Cuff: from MoJo Jewelry in Wicker Park


  1. you've had it for eight years? i love classic looks that never go out of style. and wow, i wish i could wear my stuff from eight years ago...

  2. I love the pocket seams on the blazer and such a easy piece if you want to wear it casual with jeans.!

  3. I love the pieces you put with this! Particularly the shoes and top. Very nice!