Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Mardi Gras

I love the fabric of this suit, the style of the jacket, and the slim leg and cuffs of the cropped pants. I'm growing less and less fond though of the shortening effect these pants have on me. I'm planning to wear them a few more times this winter, then in the spring, I'll convert them into knee-length shorts, keeping the cuff.

I purchased a sewing maching a few months ago and haven't used it yet. I finally pulled it out this weekend and set it up. After I've re-worked a few older (and less well-loved) pieces for practice, I'll get to work on turning these fully-lined cuffed cropped pants into walking shorts. Wish me luck!

work (including court), rehearsal

Suit Jacket and Cropped Pants: Express
Sweater: Moda Int'l for Victoria's Secret
Boots: Steve Madden, (thrifted)
Diamond Earrings: gift
Necklace: from Target


  1. Heehee, I totally wore cropped pants and boots yesterday, too! Something in the water, I guess...

    I love all the red!!

  2. I love the way the pants and jacket fit on you!!

  3. Yeay for pulling out the sewing machine. I'm also in process of learning (again) how to use it for the same reasons- reworking clothes (maybe someday I can make them myself). Good luck!
    I think walk shorts will look great, but you do look very nice in these cropped pants.

  4. Ooh pretty. I like this alot. The crops are super cute, and I do not see many people pull off the cropped suit well, but it looks great on you!