Sunday, February 7, 2010

Chicago Millinery Arts Alliance

A...G...E...S... ago (i.e. November 2009) I attended an event of the Chicago Millinery Arts Alliance. The milliners had created some beautiful hats. I almost bought one, but I'm a bit too poor to be spending so much money on such head-adorning awesomeness. Which does nothing to diminish the awesomeness of these hats.

This is the one I almost bought:

These are some of the other hats lovely hats there:

Here's a picture of me and my friend Pat, who let me know about the event. Unfortunately, the only picture of got of Pat that night was from the back.

Thanks to my wonderful boyfriend for attending the event with me and taking many, many pictures. Thanks to Pat for letting me know about the event. Thanks to the artists of the Chicago Millinery Arts Alliance for making such beautiful hats and exhibiting them, particularly these milliners whose hats are featured in my photos:

Loreta Corsetti Millinery Atelier

Carluci Millinery

Laura Whitlock

Laura Hubka Millinery


  1. Oh - how fun is that? What a great event. I love that neutral hat with the peacock feather. So pretty.

  2. I would want them all! I think my favorite is the fedora with the fuchsia ribbon... but they're all gorgeous!

  3. Loving all the different hats! I especially love the one with the mustard borders.