Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve

No major plans tonight. My boyfriend and I were originally planning to go to the Jazz Showcase, but we decided we'd rather just stay home and have a quiet New Year's Eve. After work, we're going shopping for food for our New Year's Day Dinner, then home for a quiet New Year's Eve in.

My parents gave me this key necklace for Christmas this year. My mother had seen pictures of me on clothes, inter alia wearing my grandmother's old house key on a chain around my neck. When she saw key necklaces all over the place and realized that they have become trendy, she got this one for me and put a cute little note on the box that said "for my daughter, who was stylish before this was a style."

work, grocery shopping

Jacket: vintage from my mother
Long Sleeved White T-shirt: Target
Coca-Cola Polar Bear T-shirt: Delia*s
Jeans: Gap
Boots: Nine West
Bead Necklace: Macy's
Key Necklace: 2009 Xmas gift from my parents
Peace Sign Earrings: World Market, my Xmas gift to myself 2 years ago
Blue Stone Drop Earrings: gift from my 2nd cousins several years ago


  1. Very sweet note from your mom, and beautiful key!

  2. HAPPY NEW YEAR to you, I hope 2010 is wonderful to you xxx

  3. such an ADORABLE t-shirt! and I love the light blue + light pink + pearls combo!