Monday, December 14, 2009

Catching Up

Work on Friday:

With a performance and cast party every evening last week, and work during the day as usual, I was completely exhausted by the end of the week. I also got lazy with my photos, even to the point of snapping a photo in the mirror in the bathroom at work.

Today I'm getting caught up. I didn't photograph everything that I wanted to over the weekend, but I did get my Friday work outfit, my Friday cast party outfit, and a close-up of my makeup from the opening number of the show.

This week, things should be getting back to normal.

work, errands

Sweater: Moda Int'l for Victoria's Secret
Pants: A. Byer (same pants I wore on Thursday)
Vest: vintage
Boots: M.I.A.
Necklace: Anne Klein
Hat: hand-me-down from my ex

Cast Party:

Friday night's cast party theme was pajama night. Since it's a Christmas show, I thought it would be appropriate to wear Christmas pajamas.

cast party

T-shirt: Charlotte Russe (thrifted)
Pajama Bottoms: Victoria's Secret
Long-sleeve T-shirt: H&M

Make-up for Opening Number:

This is my make-up for the opening number. I posted pictures of the whole ouftit a few days ago.


  1. Your makeup looks fab! I wish I could see the show - it sounds like its going to be great. Is anyone filming/putting on youtube?

    Let me know! :-)

  2. Love your first outfit, you look so cosy