Wednesday, December 23, 2009

December 23rd

I seem to always wear this Burberry-plaid wool kilt with red, black or white. I was trying to come up with some different colors to pair with it when I saw someone on a blog (and I wish I could remember who, so I could link to her) wearing a Burberry-plaid scarf with a green top the same color as my sweater. I liked how the green looked with the tan plaid, so here I am. I still got in a health dose of black and red though!


Blazer: vintage
Sweater: from Filene's Basement
Skirt: from a wool-goods store in London
White T-shirt: Wet Seal
Black Cable Sweater Tights: from T.J. Maxx
Boots: M.I.A.
Silver Hoop Earrings: gift from my parents
Diamond Earrings: gift from my parents
Red Scarf: handmade by my grandmother


  1. Oh -I love this! Perfect for the holiday spirit! :-)

    Hope you had a Merry Christmas :-)

  2. I love that Burberry plaid skirt! What a great Christmas outfit.