Saturday, May 8, 2010

Shopping Ban Summary

A few months ago, I declared myself on a shopping ban. I was not going to buy anymore clothes or housewares until the end of April. I allowed myself a few exceptions to the ban.

First exception, I was allowed to purchase items on any out-of-town trips I took. During my trip to Pennsylvania in March, I purchased new boots, and during my trip to New York in April, I purchased 3 dresses, a ring and a bracelet.

3Free dress and fork bracelet from New York

Topshop dress and Brooklyn Flea ring from New York

Nine West boots from Pennsylvania

Second exception, I was allowed to continue thrifting at Unique on half-price Mondays. I also took advantage of that exception. All the items pictured below were less than $6 each, most of them in the $2-3 range.

thrifted Ann Taylor LOFT skirt

thrifted Limited Dress and Banana Republic white buttondown

thrifted New York t-shirt

thrifted flowered faux-wrap dress

thrifted teal velvet jacket

thrifted Banana Republic white buttondown and braided leather belt

thrifted Limited wrap top

thrifted bag

thrifted skirt

thrifted Express dress

thrifted off-white bag

thrifted Old Navy skirt

thrifted tie

thrifted Structure tie

Finally, I was allowed to purchase frames for some unframed photos that I was waiting to hang. I still have not purchased those frames.

As far as sticking to the ban, I didn't do too badly. I purchased a few "necessities," specifically black sheer hose for $1.19, 3 pairs of nude hose for a total of $6, and a pack of white socks for $8. I also picked up some cute polka-dot trouser socks at H&M for $5(?) to replace the ones I was wearing that wouldn't stay up. When I instituted the ban, I hadn't really thought about whether to include items such as these. Either way, total damage was around $20.

polka-dotted trouser socks

black sheer hose

nude hose

I also made a purchase that I consider "justified," namely my You by Crocs shoes. I've had my eye on You's for over a year, and I finally saw the price drop below $30 per pair, so I got a pair of grey and a pair of pink. Total damage: $54.

pink You by Crocs

grey You by Crocs

Finally, I made 2 purchases completely in violation of the ban, with no justification whatsoever: this purple purse from H&M ($5) and these dangly silver earrings from World Market ($4). Total damage: $9.

H&M purse

World Market earrings

Counting my "necessities," my "justified" shoe purchases, and my flagrant violations, the total money spent in violation of the ban was $84. All in all, not bad.


  1. I think you did quite well on the ban, and it seems like it was probably a good idea to have a bit of freedom and not be on a completely restrictive ban.

    I went on a shopping ban from Jan 1 - March 15, and I included music, dvds, and even thrifting in the ban. I did only cheat three times: a treadmill (major but completely worthwhile purchase), a dress from Shabby Apple (just complete weakness), and a Teeny Genie Wendy Brandes necklace (when she was doing her fundraiser for a fellow-blogger and I had no guilt about that purchase at all).

    I am blown away by how cute those pink crocs are, btw!

  2. Amazing what you were able to get for so little money. Congratulations on sticking to your ban (your exceptions make sense to me). I did a clothes shopping ban for the month of April, and it helped me focus more on figuring out what I need for my wardrobe, instead of just what I want.

  3. You did very well! So fun to read a wrap up of your ban.

    I'm shocked by the Crocs too! Wow! I love them, in both colors.

  4. A terrific post! You have some great thrifties!
    Your hair looks so great in the low chignon!

  5. Love so many of those thrifted pieces! My favorites are the braided belt and that velvet blazer. Sticking to thrift during a shopping cut-back is really smart and it seems like that helped keep you from going against your rules. Well done!