Thursday, May 20, 2010

Green and Grey

I was featured in my hometown newspaper today! Okay, featured is a bit of an exaggeration. :-) The Daily American had a several-page feature of the "Where Are They Now?" variety with short blurbs about veterans of their County Highlighs page, which is celebrating its 20th anniversary. County Highlights is a weekly section of the Daily American featuring articles by local high school students. I wrote for County Highlights my junior and senior years of high school.

I sent in my information months ago, and didn't know when the feature was going to run. This morning, I received an email from one of the editors letting me know that the article was in today's paper. That inspired me to put on this green and grey outfit. I've had the suit since high school (my sophmore year, I think?). It is officially the first suit I've ever owned, and by far, the oldest one in my closet. These are also my school colors. Okay, so my high school colors are actually Green and White, not green and grey. But hey, it's called artistic license. :-) Go North Star Cougars! Go Green and White!


Suit Jacket and Skirt: ??? (it's around 15 years old)
Grey Silk Blouse: Victoria's Secret
Grey Tights: ??
Shoes: Lifestride
Earrings: vintage
Necklace: vintage from my grandmother

I know, bad flash. I like the photo anyway.


  1. What a great suit! Great choice for such a young'un!! My high school clothes left much to be desired, although I did keep a blazer that I throw on occasionally. Congrats on the feature, can't beat seeing your name or picture in print!! I love the silk blouse, the whole outfit really :)

  2. Isn't it so fun to see your name in the paper (in a good way ;) Love the green! I haven't forgotten your skirts. My world is a bit nuts right now. I will get them in the mail very soon :) I am trying very hard to get another job, as it seems that in order to make $ ya need a bit of it first :). I hope to work long enough to 1. buy camera supplies, 2. get sewing supplies, 3. pay stupid taxes! My goals are to be self-employed by 50. Yikes!!! Better hurry !!!