Monday, May 10, 2010

Dress Your Best Week: Day 1

This week, I am participating in Academichic's Dress Your Best week. The focus is on dressing to accentuate your best parts, rather than focusing on hiding the parts you don't particularly like. For Day 1, my focus is on collarbone, legs and butt.

This off-the-shoulder top is great for drawing attention to my collarbone and shoulders. I was not working today (last day off to recover from removal of my wisdom teeth), and I spent most of the day in my apartment and lounging around reading at my local tea house. I chose the leggings because they are super comfortable and they show the shape of my legs while at the same time allowing me to remain covered and thus warm enough.

I was initially thinking of wearing just the t-shirt and leggings, but I felt too undressed for public, even though I do regularly wear less clothes when dancing. Since I wasn't dancing (except during my photo shoot), I added this short skirt to make the outfit just a bit more decent. I feel more dressed, but the skirt is short enough that it still allows my legs to be seen. And, you can still glimpse my cute little butt in the pink skirt.

If you want to see others who are participating in Academichic's Dress Your Best week, the list of participants can be found here.

home, errands, local tea house

T-shirt: from a show I did a few years ago (altered)
Skirt: Express
Leggings: Newport News
Legwarmers: from a dance catalog
Shoes: Converse (thrifted)


  1. Nice! This makes me wanna get physical.

  2. Thanks for your sweet comment! And you're right. Your collar bone, legs, and butt do look great in this fun outfit!!

  3. You're dead-on wanting to focus on your collarbone - it's very elegant. And now I have "Maniac" running through my head, so thanks for that.

  4. You are ADORABLE. How fun is this outfit??

  5. Nice! YOu look so comfy and sporty... And you the top shows off your back too (btw, thanks for your nice comment...)

  6. Such a fun outfit! That sweatshirt shows off your gorgeous collarbone really well. Hope you're feeling better after your oral surgery!

  7. What a fun post! I LOVE the dancing poses. you selected the perfect balance of outfit to showcase your collarbone, legs and butt! Awesome, keep working it GF!

  8. this t-shirt is SO pretty! I wish I had one myself :)

  9. I LOVE that you're channeling 80s awesomeness with this ensemble! Way to celebrate your best parts!!

  10. i love it- it's really fun!
    you're a brave woman.
    i'm showcasing my legs again today...i may actually have to do my hair if i'm going to "show it off" I love your pics, how do you take such close shots but still get your entire body in them???

  11. Congrats on taking on this challenge! Can't wait to see all the things you come up with!

  12. Thanks for your sweet comment on my post! I love this 80s look -- you look so comfy and fun!


  13. I love this post. Great moves girl!!!