Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Orange and Blue

I love bright color combos, but I've realized lately that I tend to stick with the same few combos - orange and purple, purple and pink, pink and green, green and purple. Last week, I saw a great blue and orange color combo on what would krissie wear and I loved it. I knew I had lots of orange, but I was wishing I had a blue cardigan like hers. Then I remembered this blouse.

I'm not sure about the combo of the orange cami with the orange lace tights, but I didn't try on the outfit ahead of time - sometimes I do, sometimes I don't - so I was looking in the mirror before I left for work this morning debating whether to switch out either the cami or the tights, and I couldn't decide which to give up, so I just kept both on and headed out.

Tights are not something I would normally purchase thrifted (seems to me kind of like buying used underwear - eww!), but they were still in the sealed package, so I figured "Why not?"

Blouse: Express
Cami: Panini (from Presence)
Skirt: Forever XXI
Lace Tights: H&M (thrifted)
Belt: Forever XXI (came with skirt)
Shoes: Lifestride
Hoop Earrings: gift

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