Wednesday, July 29, 2009

In the Alley

First time taking pictures outside. I felt a little silly about the idea of going out in public and taking pictures of myself. A woman came out to empty her trash as I was taking my last few shots, and she walked directly in front of my camera, deposited her trash in the can, and headed straight back to her door. She didn't blink an eye at my solo photo session, and I didn't react to her cutting right in front of my camera. I love city life.

New haircut. Back in December, I got my hair cut really short. It's growing out now, but its shape too closely resembled a mullet. So I got a bob. I've always like bobs, but never felt compelled to try one out. Now, I had a reason. I'm pretty happy with the cut.

Since I've started posting photos on my blog, I have been obsessively following other blogs, looking for tips on camara usage, backgrounds, angles, lighting, poses, and on and on. Not surprisingly, I've found my outfits in the past week to be much more directly influenced by other blogs than usual. Angie was talking about wearing vests over sleeveless tops over at You Look Fab. Over on what would krissie wear, I saw a photo of the exact same Express top that I own. Add the Express top and the vest-over-sleeveless-top ideas together, and you get today's outfit.

Vest: H&M
Top: Express
Skirt: Old Navy
Shoes: Lifestride
Bracelet: gift from my boyfriend
Diamond Stud Earrings: gift from my parents
New Haircut: courtesy of Aveda Institute Chicago

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