Friday, December 17, 2010

Dance Rehearsal

Usually when I'm in a theater production, the rehearsal schedule is 8-10 weeks. Rehearsals are 3-4 days per week at the beginning, then a week before the show opens, we have maybe 8 straight days of theatre, starting with long tech rehearsal and ending with opening weekend.

For The Bar Show, however, we do one month of once-a-week 1-hour chorus rehearsals to learn the music of the chorus production numbers. Maybe 1 or 2 dance rehearsals for some of the dancers for a few select dance numbers. Other than that, the entire show takes place over the course of 15 days. Starting on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, we rehearsal during the day Saturday and Sunday, every evening during the week Monday thru Friday, then again during the day on the following Saturday and Sunday. The second Monday is our final dress rehearsal and Tuesday is opening night. The show runs 5 nights, closing on the third Saturday. Fifteen days, beginning to end.

I find it quite impressive that a show can be put together in such a short period of time, especially given that the entire cast and most of the production team consists of lawyers with full-time day jobs. It's a lot of fun, but also an intense period filled with rushing around and getting too little sleep.

I wore this outfit for rehearsal the first 3 days of rehearsal. I washed it after the second day, but in a total lack of inspiration, I grabbed it again for day 3. I might have continued to wash and re-wear daily b/c it was comfortable and easy, but there's really no way to advertise that I'm wearing clean clothes even if they are the same ones I wore for the last several days. So I took a break, changed it up, and came back to this outfit again later in the week.

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I love NY tee: (thrifted)
Black Yoga Pants: ??
Red Cami: (thrifted)
Grey Hoodie: Old Navy
Shoes: Sketchers

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